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AOH Division 1 President Keith Reynolds, and Division Standing Committee Chairman and County Catholic Chairman Brendan O'Dowd carry the Division banner, as they joined with hundreds of thousands of people who had to deal with snow on the ground, cold temperatures, and a constant downpour of rain at the annual March for Life in Washington DC on Monday January 23, 2012.


My fellow Hibernians, I am honored to present to you some degree of thought and comments to you as an individual, a family and community of Irish Catholics that honor and respect Mother Church, the Blessed Mother and all the Mothers here today.

WE fully and unconditionally accept the Blessed Mother as an example of all Mothers, a pillar of support and strength to millions of Catholics worldwide. As a sibling of 6 and the father of 4 children I personally know that my family has been impacted by the Rosary, the example of the unconditional support and love of the Blessed Mother to her Son, and in turn His unconditional love and support to His Mother.

We as a Catholic organization, as members of a family have to fight the daily attack against our beloved Church, family and beliefs. Society has deemed life itself, our family structure and family life as disposable. Our lives are not cameras, our lives are not appliances that are created to be time sensitive and have disposal factor in the construction or birth of a project or idea. Life is the gift of God, only God has the ability to create life, why do some work so hard to end a life.

I once was posed this question – Thomas how do you know that Jesus is against abortion? I clearly was puzzled by such a direct and simple question.

I was told you know He is against it, for did not Jesus tell his own disciplines to Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the Kingdom of heaven.”

AS in Scripture: Matthew chapter 19: verses 13 to 15. The parents who brought their children to Jesus wanted Jesus to lay his hands upon them. They knew of the healing power, both physical and spiritual, which came from Jesus’ touch. No doubt the disciples wanted to shield Jesus from the nuisance of noisy children. BUT JESUS delighted in the children and demonstrated that God’s love has ample room for everyone, including children. No one is more important to GOD.

When we review the history of Our Lady of Lourdes and the first apparition of February 11, 1858 and the prayers that came from this blessed event - In the Litany of our Lady of Lourdes, the following titles:

Holy Mary, Pray for us,
Holy Mother of God, pray for us,
Mother of Christ, pray for us,
Our Lady source of love, pray for us,
Our Lady mother of the poor, pray for us,
Our Lady mother of orphans, pray for us,
Our Lady mother of all children, pray for us,
Our Lady mother of all nations, pray for us,
Our Lady mother of the Church, pray for us
Our Lady friend of the lonely, pray for us
Our Lady comforter of those who mourn, pray for us

We as a society are now caught up in the world we live in, with such problems as financial uncertainty, financial insecurity, health care concerns, family concerns, personal and national security and world environmental and peace concerns.

Each and every issue deserves our upmost attention and respect to solvency, but the ability to live a life is the center of all being.

Without life there is no worry, no concern and no ability to create the options needed to solve such issues.

How do we not know that the cure of cancer, the creation of a new fuel type,the creation of a simple clean methods of transportation was not granted to a spirit, yet that spirit was not granted the ability to be born, to live, to laugh,
to love, to teach, to cure or to solve.

Since we have already been born, abortion is no threat to us as a person... But allowing this to continue in the fashion it has, in such a reckless and care free manner, has crippled our ability to function to our best potential.

If there is any lesson to be learned from September 11, it is that we should value and protect innocent human life even if it is not our own. This lack of value was the direct cause of the terrorist acts. Think about it. The terrorists and those who directed them had no value for the lives of the flight attendants, the crew or the passengers who were murdered or the innocent people in the Towers or Pentagon who frantically tried to leave those buildings.

OUR presence here today, states that you value your family, your CHURCH and yourself. Today I ask all those present to remember those that can not be with us, whether it is due to:

Health Reasons
Financial Reasons
Personal Conditions
Or yet for those that were not granted the ability to live.

I know that as an Organization we are not allowed to state who would be the best candidate in serving the interest of our people as President. Our country grants us the ability to vote, the ability to disagree, the ability to protest, the ability to stand up for those that can not stand for themselves. We really live in the most wonderful country in the world, yes it has problems, but when all is said and done, it works; it has worked for 232 years.

If we review the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, AND to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

As is the case with most injustices that are done in this world, they are able to thrive because good people didn’t speak out against them. I will not follow that path, but will depart someday with the knowledge and belief that I have tried to tell the people the truth.

There is great value in being Catholic, there is great value of being part of a family, there is great value in the sacrament of Marriage of Man and Woman, there is great value in the gift of the life of a child, and there is great value in speaking out against those that wish to change or harm any of these.

Our Media companies are working 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to change the view of the Irish Catholic – we do not have to recognize same sex marriages, we do not have to accept the attacks against our church, against our family values and beliefs.

There are 67 million Catholic’s in the United States – Catholic emigrants built this country, there Children defended this country in times of war and distress. Our responsibility is to give our children a better life, then we had, to educate and promote our Faith and to show them that WE ARE ONE WITH MOTHER CHURCH.

It is interesting to note some statistics that have come to light in recent years. In 1963 Evolution received Federal Funding as it applies to educational purposes. Before 1963 the average grade text book contained about 1500 words of the subject of evolution. After 1963 it averaged 34,000 words on the same subject.

In Nature such jumps usually take catastrophic tolls. Just for an example the average rainfall in California per year is about 17 to 20 inches – Look what happen to California in 1996 and the effects of El Nino – that calendar year about 45 inches fell upon California and the damage caused by flooding was monumental in nature, to its people, its lands and those existing with the effects.

Now look at the effects of the change in language, the change in family structure and values have created in the same time period:

Since 1963 sexually transmitted diseases are up by 226 percent;
Since 1963 the divorce rates is up 115 percent,
Since 1963 Unmarried couples living together is up by 536 percent
Since 1963 Unwed birth rates are about 325 percent higher;
Since 1963 Pregnancies with girls age 10 to 14 – up 533 percent. The difference between those two figures are being aborted – that an 208 percent increase

When you start teaching people that they are only animals that start acting in that fashion.

The reflection or thought of the day is that God is not a God that pressures people to love Him.

As long as a nation accepts Him and Love Him, He will stick around like a faithful friend.

He will protect the people or nation and will cause them to prosper.

But if a people or nation spurn him and demand that He leave, He will oblige them but don’t expect the blessings to remain;when the Author of blessings is asked to leave.

Please keep your family sacred,
Please keep the family structure as we recognize it and accept it as sacred,
Please keep the faith of our Fathers alive, the faith of our mothers alive,
Please keep ones ability to speak out against injustice, sacred and defend the same

And please vote in harmony with the teachings of Mother Church this election day.

I thank you brothers for allowing me to be part of this organization,
and I also thank you for allowing me to share my comments with your FAMILY.

May God Bless you and your family – Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth,
Please protect us. St. Theresa Help us.


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